Why, Arizona

Why, Arizona is one of three winners of the deGroot Prize for a Novella.

I gassed up my Dad’s old RV and hunched behind the wheel. I gazed out onto the long stretch of highway ahead and checked the mirrors. I turned on the blinker. Whatever it was David and I had was over. Whoever he was now was broken. I’d heard it in his voice in Tijuana, now months ago. Even so. He’d called and I came running. I slipped in the Best of 1950s 8-track. It started half way into Sister Golden Hair by America, which I knew was a ’70s song. This 8-track, I’d received in exchange for a box of tampons. You get what you pay for.


We decided to leave early. The now darkened red lanterns dreamed of festivals and paper dragons. Zoe and I walked through the dilapidated Chinese arches of Central Plaza and stood at the curb as she watched the Lyft app.
“I had a really nice time,” I said.
“There’s an old diner in Downtown. Raymond Chandler used to hang out there. It’s too far to walk,” she said.
“How far is too far?” I asked.
“5th Street,” she said.
I took her phone and cancelled the Lyft.

Up, Up, and Away was published in V4 of The Los Angeles Press


I know that at some point in my life, I must have skipped stones over some body of water somewhere. I know I have, but when I think back to when and where, the memory just isn’t there. I think, When did I skip rocks?

Skipping Stones was published in Vol. 3, Issue 3 of Sheriff Nottingham


Things almost never go according to plan. Once the terror wears off, you imagine learning new languages, maybe going for an online degree, catching up with old friends, changing your hair, spending quiet afternoons in a sunny window reading The Odyssey. Now is the time. 

Hunger and Loneliness appears in 100 Words of Solitude